Sno Runner   (also known as)    Sno Rabbit

   Chrysler Marine manufactured the "Sno Runner" for a little over two years. In 1982 they decided to discontinue production. On July 16,1982, a liquidator know as C.O.M.B. company, Inc purchased remaining inventory from Chrysler. They purchased 6293 completed and partial completed bikes and the balance of the parts inventory. C.O.M.B had resold completed bikes for 288.00 dollars. As part of the sale agreement they changed the name to "Sno Rabbit".

   On December 21, 1982 Aarbor's Marine, now Discount Marine Parts, purchased the complete parts inventory from C.O.M.B. The bulk parts purchase filled about 20 Tractor Trailer Trucks. A few of the trucks filled with Aluminum and other metals were sold in Wisconsin for scrap. The rest of the parts were brought to Michigan. As of today there are a number of units still running and most key parts are available.

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