Carter Carburetor

Carter   Model Series    

Casting No. N2
Orig Carb Color
Replacement End Customer Equipment Type Year Used Our Repair Kit
ND2962S       Clinton Chainsaw D55 D55GI D65 D65GI WD45J (Wards) 1959 DI-19253
ND2973S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Super 65 Bantam Bantam GP   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND2984S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020 5hp 1959 DI-19254
ND3144S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020A 1960 DI-19254
ND3154S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Bantam GP   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3156S       Wright Power Saw GS-2016 1960  
ND3156SA       Wright Power Saw GS-2016 1960  
ND3168S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Bantam   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3174S       Poulan Chainsaw FD-100 1960  
ND3226S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020A 1961 DI-19254
ND3301S       Lauson Type: 1297 1297A 1298 1298A 1300 1300A 1301 1301A 1308 1308A 1309 1312 1312A 1313 1319A   Carb Kit DI 19252
ND3301SA       Lauson Type: 1337 1338 1342   Carb Kit DI 19252
ND3324S       Wright Power Saw C70 1962 DI-19254
ND3326S       Remington Power Saw Bantam   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3431S       Wright Power Saw B 520 5hp    

N1 - Export Carbureters - Not use in U.S.A. or Canada
N2 - Early Production Carbs. were stamped with two digits.
Add a 2 in front. Example Casting stamped with "03" would be a "203".

Carter   Carburetor Model Series


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