Carter Carburetor

Carter   Model Series    

Casting No. N2
Orig Carb Color
Replacement End Customer Equipment Type Year Used Our Repair Kit
ND2962S       Clinton Chainsaw D55 D55GI D65 D65GI 1959 DI-19253
ND2973S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Super 65 Bantam Bantam GP   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND2984S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020 5hp 1959 DI-19254
ND3144S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020A 1960 DI-19254
ND3154S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Bantam GP   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3156S       Wright Power Saw GS-2016 1960  
ND3156SA       Wright Power Saw GS-2016 1960  
ND3168S       Remington Arms Chainsaw Bantam   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3226S       Wright Power Saw GS-5020A 1961 DI-19254
ND3301S       Lauson Type: 1297 1297A 1298 1298A 1300 1300A 1301 1301A 1308 1308A 1309 1312 1312A 1313 1319A   DI-19252
ND3301SA       Lauson Type: 1337 1338 1342   DI-19252
ND3324S       Wright Power Saw C70 1962 DI-19254
ND3326S       Remington Power Saw Bantam   Carb Kit DI 19231
ND3431S       Wright Power Saw B 520 5hp    

N1 - Export Carbureters - Not use in U.S.A. or Canada
N2 - Early Production Carbs. were stamped with two digits.
Add a 2 in front. Example Casting stamped with "03" would be a "203".

Carter   Carburetor Model Series


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