Tillotson Carburetor

Tillotson   Model Series H

Note!    Tillotson had two  "H" Carburetor Series  -  a very early one and another one starting in the 1950's

Model Description End Customer Equipment Type Year Used Our Repair Kit
Old Series           
H-1-A   Moline Plow Company Stephens Motor Works    
H-4-A   The Pilot Motor Car Co.   1923  
New Series           
H-1A    Power Products Power Saw  400, 402, 405, 406 1952-54 DI-23412
H-1A    Power Products Power Saw AH-80 1953-54 DI-23412
H-2A    Homelite Power Saw  26A & 26LCS nbsp; 4HP 1953-54 DI-23412
H-3A   Power Machinery Power Saw  PM-Rocket K-1  4HP 1953-54 DI-23412
H-3AX Replaced by HP-11C Power Machinery Power Saw  PM-Rocket K-2  5HP 1954-55 Call or email
H-4A   Power Machinery Power Saw  PM Torpedo  6HP 1954 DI-23412    N1
H-5A    Power Products Industrial  2771 & 2772  2.8HP  This model may use HL-2A 1954-57 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-5A    Power Products Power Saw  2775  2.8HP  This model may use HL-2A 1953-57 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-5A    Terrill Power Saw  FA, CS5 & CS5B 1953-55 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-5A    Titan Power Saw  30 & 35  5HP 1953-55 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-5AP    Power Products Power Saw  2782  2.8HP  This model may use HL-2A 1955-57 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-5AX   West Bend 2772 1955 Carb Kit DI-23885
H-6A    Homelite Power Saw  5-30 & 5-30N 5.5HP 1953-56 DI-23412
H-7A       1953 DI-23412
H-8A    Titan Power Saw  45, 65, 100  5HP 1953-54 DI-23412
H-9A    Titan Power Saw  10HP 1954 DI-23412
H-10A    Clinton Power Saw  5A  5HP 1953-56 DI-23412
H-12A    Power Products 1019  1953-54 DI-23412
H-15A Replaced by H-15B Clinton Power Saw  1955-56 DI-23412
H-15B    Clinton Power Saw  1956 DI-23412

N1 - Only 50 H-4A's were used by Power Machinery

Tillotson   Carburetor Model Series


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